For the second consecutive year, CONSTANTA STATE THEATER WINS A UNITER AWARD

For the second consecutive year, CONSTANTA STATE THEATER WINS A UNITER AWARD

At the UNITER 2022 Gala, the 30th edition, held on July 4th, in Bistrița, in the presence of the most important Romanian theater personalities - directors, actors, scenographers, producers, etc., Constanța State Theater won the UNITER AWARD FOR THE BEST TV / TELEPLAY THEATER PERFORMANCE, awarded to "Z DAY" performance.
The performance, with an original screenplay written by Ionuț Sociu and directed by Bobi Pricop, premiered in March 2021, during the harshest period of restrictions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.Imagine din spectacolul "ZIUA Z"

The cast: Marian Adochiţei, Theodor Șoptelea, Cătălina Mihai, Florin Aioane, Andrei Bibire, Lana Moscaliuc, Lucian Iftime, Iulian Enache, Nina Udrescu, Liviu Manolache, Cosmin Mihale, Florentin Roman, Mirela Pană, Dan Cojocaru, Georgiana Mazilescu, Liliana Cazan, Ștefan Mihai, Cristiana Luca, Laura Crăciun, Andu Axente, Adrian Dumitrescu.

The following are also part of the creative team: Oana Micu - set design, Mihai Popa – cinematography, Eduard Gabia - music, Răzvan Rusu – streaming online.

Based on an original script, created especially for this project, the hybrid performance "Z Day" has a dynamic artistic concept, adapted for live viewing, simultaneously online and in the theater.

"I am very happy that our hybrid performance gained the attention of the UNITER awards. It is not a classic form of TV or teleplay theater, but rather a film product, filmed and edited in real time, in a moving car on the streets of Constanța and broadcast live in the theater hall, within the frame of a theater performance, which is, in all, broadcast live to online viewers", said director Bobi Pricop, who could not attend the UNITER Gala. The award was received by Erwin Șimșensohn, Constanța State Theater manager.

Another achievement of Constanta State Theater at the UNITER gala was represented by the nomination of Irisz Kovacs, in the DEBUT section, for the direction of the performance "8 FATHERS" by Tina Müller. Irisz was notified, also during the Gala, about winning the Bucharest Comedy Theater's project competition "COMEDY IS WITH YOUth", so she will be directing at this prestigious theater.

Regizoarea Irisz Kovacs şi directorul TSC Erwin Şimşensohn

Constanța State Theater expresses its gratitude to all those who supported its activity in the 2021 - 2022 season and invites its audience to the performances of SEAS Summer Season - July 7th - August 28th.