SEAS 2024: Directorul de teatru

SEAS 2024:   Directorul de teatru
Friday, 23 August 2024

The show The theater director, produced by the Comic Opera for Children from Bucharest, will be performed on August 23rd, at 9:00 p.m., at Teatrul de Vară Soveja, as part of SEAS 2024.

"Directorul de teatru" is an adaptation of the comic opera of the same name, composed by the famous W. A. Mozart. Initially, the opera was written at the request of Emperor Joseph II, to be performed at a private lunch in front of 80 guests. The work is considered a parody of the vanity of opera singers, who fight for higher status and corresponding pay. The original opera is quite short, lasting about 35 minutes, but director Cristian Mihăilescu has come up with a series of ingenious additions that will extend the audience's enjoyment.

The central character is a theater director, who, assisted by Buffo, the comic singer, organizes auditions to form an opera troupe. The first two applicants are Mrs. Hertz (Lady Heart) and Mrs. Silberklang (Lady Silver Sound), who compete for the leading role and, implicitly, the higher salary.

The Comic Opera for Children had a brilliant initiative some time ago: a guided tour behind the curtain. On this occasion, children discovered the backstage, the ballet studio, rehearsal rooms, and finally, the sacred place: the stage. The show "Directorul de teatru" is an extension of this initiative. With the help of Mozart's incomparably beautiful music, as well as the delightful and lively text, we learn the intricacies of putting on a show. I invite you to be part of its cast. The director awaits you. (Cristian Mihăilescu, director)

Autor: opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (the show also contains excerpts from other operas by the same composer)
Director: Cristian Mihăilescu
Scenography: Andreea Koch
Conductors: Alexandru Ilie/Gheorghe Iliuță
Duration of the show: 55 min., without intermission
Recommended age: 7+ years

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