SEAS 2024: Două ore cu pauză

SEAS 2024: Două ore cu pauză
Sunday, 25 August 2024

The show Two hours with one intermission, produced by the Excelsior Theater from Bucharest, will be performed on August 25th, at 8:00 p.m., at Casa de Cultură a Sindicatelor, as part of SEAS 2024.

What can happen in two hours with one intermission? Without claiming to evaluate the Romanian educational system, we tried to raise a few questions. Discussions with literature teachers across the country, especially from the pre-university environment, were the main source of inspiration for the fictional show whose script was written during the work process. We kept the theater doors open during rehearsals, so, in addition to our direct experience, we incorporated articles, interviews, and public interventions prompted by the teachers' protests in May-June 2023." (Gianina Cărbunariu)

Script and direction: Gianina Cărbunariu
Scenography: Adrian Ganea
Lighting design: Cristi Niculescu
Original music: Oscar Ungvári
 Stage movement: Ioana Marchidan
Camera/Extra: Andrei Ionescu
Duration of the show: 2h, with one intermission

Cast: Alex Călin, Mihaela Coveșeanu, Cosmina Dobrotă, Andreea Hristu, Ioana Niculae, Alex Popa, István Téglás, Annemary Ziegler

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