SEAS 2024: ...Escu

SEAS 2024: ...Escu
Sunday, 01 September 2024

The show …Escu, produced by the "Stela Popescu" Theatre from Bucharest, in partnership with the "Satiricus Ion Luca Caragiale" Theatre from Chișinău, will be performed on September 1st, at 9:00 p.m., at Teatrul de Vară Soveja, as part of SEAS 2024.

The story in "…Escu" gives a déjà vu sensation, even though the original text dates back to 1933. "…Escu" is not just an interwar comedy with a vintage feel that continues the story of Spirache Necșulescu's family, the heroes of the more famous "Titanic Vals," but also a biting satire of the political habits of yesterday and today. On the menu are blackmail, party intrigue, political opportunism, the fool's luck, and the indispensable erotic provocation, in the necessary amount to spice up political life. Does this sound familiar?

"Politics is like fashion! It evolves, changes, pretends. And, just as you are faithful to fashion by changing it, so fidelity in politics is nothing but an endless series of adulteries!" says the main character, Decebal Necșulescu.

The show "…Escu" is staged by the united artistic teams of the "Stela Popescu" Theatre and the National "Satiricus Ion Luca Caragiale" Theatre, in a unique collaboration in the local theatrical landscape, undoubtedly auspicious for the future of cultural relations between the two capitals – Bucharest and Chișinău.

Author: Tudor Mușatescu 
Directors: Alexandru Grecu and Cristian Șofron 
Assistant Set Designers: Delia-Diana Ghizdăveț, Ecaterina Salimova 
Costume Design: Geanina Punkoști 
Choreography: Dumitru Tanmoșan, Ioana Macarie 
Duration of the show: 1h45, without intermission

Pavel Bartoș / Arcadie Răcilă
Viorel Păunescu / Ion Grosu
Cristi Neacșu / Alexandru Crîlov
Sorin Aurel Sandu / Viorel Cornescu
Alexandru Floroiu / Daniel Ciobanu
Cătălin Frăsinescu / Eugen Matcovschi
Irina Cărămizaru / Ludmia Gheorghiță
Manuela Hărăbor / Elena Oleinic
Crina Matei / Irina Rusu
Daniel Filipescu / Pavel Lupăcescu
Dorin Enache / Constantin Ghilețchi
Petru Șutu / Damian Donos
Ana – Maria Ivan / Olga Anghelici
Florentin Munteanu / Artiom Oleacu
Cristina Marin Neagu / Ira Cazac
Petru Șutu, Dorin Enache / Damian Donos, Constantin Ghilețchi

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