SEAS 2024: Piciul

SEAS 2024: Piciul
Sunday, 04 August 2024

The show "The Kid", produced by the "Regina Maria" Theater from Oradea, will be performed on August 4th, at 9:00 p.m., at Teatrul de Vară Soveja, as part of SEAS 2024. 

One of Charlie Chaplin's masterpieces of silent cinema is transformed into a lively and moving musical on the stage of the "Regina Maria" Theatre.

The story is in frame: Charlie Chaplin, film director, while on the set is giving a speech to his employees when he learns some sad news. However, this moment is interrupted by a kid, who runs from the police and asks the director to pretend to be his father. This is where the idea of ​​an emotional but humorous film begins, in which the protagonists are a poor window keeper and an orphan child, who go through various adventures together.

Author: A musical in 2 acts in the memory of Charlie Chaplin, based on a text by Pozsgai Zsolt
Director: Halasi Imre
Scenography: Irina Chirilă (set design) și Amalia Judea (costume design)
Duration of the show: 3hours, with one intermission 

Cast: Daniel Vulcu, Luca Bran/Rareș Roșu, Ioana Cheregi, Ioana Dragoș Gajdó, Georgia Căprărin, Alexandru Rusu, Tudor Manea, George Dometi, David Constantinescu, Pavel Sîrghi, Eugen Neag, Sebastian Lupu, Ciprian Ciuciu, Lucia Rogoz, Anda Tămășanu, Giorgiana Coman, Anca Sigmirean, Carina Bunea
Dancers: Gyerman Alexandra, Sztankovits Noémi-Csilla, Vanessa, Doboș Etien, Kocsis Márk, Szilágyi Patrik

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