• by Tina MÜLLER
  • Translation: Ciprian Marinescu
  • Directed by: Irisz Kovacs
  • Set design: Theodor Niculae
Premiera: 22 May 2021
Duration: 1h 30min, no intermission

A teenage girl grows up without a father. Nico goes again and again to the door of the man who fathered her, but never rings - in the meantime her mother remarries, divorces again, gives birth to another girl; Nico becomes more rebellious, joins a gang of thugs, leaves for America, reads Hermann Hesse, reconciles with her mother, secretly listens to Johnny Cash, grows up. But the doorbell remains untouched.

Adolescence, with its traumas, described playfully, with a sense of humour. A story about the painful loneliness of maturing, about what a family means and the trauma legacy from our parents.