• by Eugène Labiche
  • Translation: Violeta Popa
  • Directed by: Vlad Cristache
  • Set design: Andreea Tecla, Mădălina Nicolae
  • Music by: Tibor Cari
  • Lighting design: Alexandru Bibere
Premiera: 08 May 2021
Duration: 1h 30min, no intermission

To wake up half-dressed, without knowing how you got home, with a memory gap about the evening spent in the city and to discover another man in your bed, just as half-naked as you!

To find out from the newspaper that the objects each of you have lost - umbrella and handkerchief - were discovered in the context of a horrible crime. And to start a struggle to erase the traces of a deed that neither of you remembers, but all indications lead to the conclusion that it is possible that you both committed it.

To run away, to silence the witnesses, to wash your hands of everything you might have done. To get rid of this calamity that came upon you, as if it was a bad dream. Is it possible?

Genuine entertainment of the highest quality; a delightful story in which the situational humour is combined with an excellent dynamic of the characters; a colourful Belle Epoque set, full of surprising elements; a band that, responding to the direction of the main characters, accompanies the actors live; suspense and tension, but especially fun, which we all need in these times of illness and constant fear.