Premiera: 04 March 2017
Duration: 1h 20min, no intermission

”Diary of Romania. Constanța” is a documentary drama that is part of a larger project by director Carmen Lidia Vidu. Mirela Pană, Lana Moscaliuc, Turchian Guzin Nasurla, Florina Stănculeţ, Laura Iordan Adrian, Alina Manţu are the six voices of the performance, and they are trying to answer some questions: How much does our town influence us and how much do we influence the community we are part of? How does an artist live? How do they (the artists) feel about their city today, where do they live, how do they nurture themselves? What does Constanţa look like, as it is lived/seen by them?

”Diary of Romania” is a multidisciplinary project that brings together experimental film, visual arts and theater. The first "episode" was played by six actors from Sfîntu Gheorghe, and Constanţa performance was followed by the one staged in Timişoara.

„Diara of Romania. Constanţa” has been performed on numerous stages in Romania and abroad, being acclaimed for the originality of the concept and for the excellent performance of the six actresses. One of the most resounding successes was recorded in the autumn of 2019, in Brussels, at the International Festival of Arts "Europalia".