• after Aristofan
  • Translation: Al.Miran, Livia Buzoianu
  • Screenplay and Directed by: Yannis Margaritis
  • Set Design: Carmencita Brojboiu
  • Assistant Scenographer: Lăcrămioara Dumitrașcu
  • Original Music by: Dimitris Ikonomakis
  • Choreography: Eddie Lame
  • Musical Training: Inga Postolache
Premiera: 10 June 2017
Duration: 2h 30min, one intermission

This performance is a collage of five plays by Aristophanes, some of which have been translated for the first time in Romania. The three plays composing the substance are "The Acharnians", "Lysistrata" and "Plutos", some monologues being extracted from "Peace" and "The Assembly of Women".

Aristophanes (446-386 BC), also known as the "father of comedy" or "prince of ancient comedy" was feared by his contemporaries for the ability to ridicule them. Many of his comedies were considered slander, and some have been avoided by theaters, until today, for their slightly indecent character.

“Eutopia. The Way to Happiness” is an interactive performance: on some occasions the spectators are invited to vote alongside the characters. Also, the many choral moments make Eutopia almost a musical show.

The director Yannis Margaritis talked about the performance that he staged: “Eutopia is the ideal place, the place of our imagination, of our dreams, maybe the place of a completely innocent past. We want to reach our Eutopia, but it is always a little bit further.

The environment of the play and the performance is a war, actually, a civil war. This fact in combination with the corruption of politicians in the state administration leads us to depression. Unfortunately, the ancient playwright Aristophanes is absolutely contemporary”.



  • Dikeopolis: Liviu Manolache
  • Amphitheos: Cosmin Mihale
  • Pseudoartabas, Plutos: Adrian Dumitrescu
  • Fiica, Myrrini 1: Florina Stănculeţ
  • Fiica, Myrrini 1: ,Mădălina Cîșlariu
  • Soția, Myrrini 2: Luiza Martinescu
  • Labito: Georgiana Mazilescu
  • Consilierul, Prytanul, Consilierul: Iulian Enache
  • Kinysias: Nicodim Ungureanu
  • Curierul spartan: Marian Adochiţei
  • Ambasador, Corifeu: Dan Cojocaru
  • Karion, Servitoarea: Nina Udrescu
  • Sărăcia: Cristina Oprean
  • Kleoniki 1, Corifee: Laura Iordan Adrian
  • Lysistrata: Mirela Pană
  • Kleoniki 2: Maria Lupu
  • Servitor: Oana Cercel
  • Servitorul lui Euripide: Georgiana Rusu
  • Euripide: Mihai Sorin Vasilescu
  • Crainicul: Alexandru Medveghi
  • Crainicul: ,Theodor Augustin Marcu
  • Corul Acharnienilor: Alex Iacov, Remus Archip,Cosmin Mihale, Marian Adochiţei, Andrei Cantaragiu,Florentin Roman, Ionuţ Rusu, Iulian Enache, Adrian Dumitrescu
  • Corul Lysistrata: Alina Manţu,Oana Cercel,Liliana Cazan,Diana Vieriu,Cristina Oprean, Iulia Mihalcea/Diana Orezeanu,Georgiana Rusu
  • Corul bătrânilor: Alexandru Medveghi/Theodor Augustin Marcu, Marian Adochiţei, Cosmin Mihale, Andrei Cantaragiu, Alexandru Iacov,Florentin Roman, Ionuţ Rusu
  • Corul Plutos: Alina Manţu,Oana Cercel,Liliana Cazan, Diana Vieriu, Georgiana Rusu, Iulia Mihalcea / Diana Orezeanu, Alexandru Iacov/ Iulian Marinescu, Alexandru Medveghi/Theodor Augustin Marcu , Marian Adochiţei, Cosmin Mihale, Andrei Cantaragiu, Florentin Roman, Remus