Gâlcevile din Chioggia

Gâlcevile din Chioggia
  • by Carlo Goldoni
  • Translation: Florian Potra
  • Directed by: Dana Dumitrescu
  • Set Design: Lăcrămioara Dumitrașcu
  • Lighting Design: Dan Nanoveanu
  • Stage Movement: Stela Cocârlea
  • Musical Illustration by: Adrian Alexandru
  • Image Editing: Andrei Selejan
  • Photo: Mihai Postelnicu
Premiera: 25 February 2011
Duration: 1h 35min, no intermission

"Chioggia Quarrels" is a brilliant comedy written by Carlo Goldoni, one of the greatest playwrights of universal theater. The story is full of joy and color of quarrels between two groups of fishermen from the small town of Chioggia, on the shores of the Adriatic, in the Venetian lagoon. Quarrels break out over love intrigues, but one way or another, everything ends well. So, the spectators only have to have a lot of fun and watch the actors playing under the direction of Dana Dumitrescu. The choreography belongs to Stela Cocârlea, the scenography to Lăcrămioara Dumitraşcu and music to Adrian Alexandru. The premiere took place in February 2011, and in 2012 the staging was nominated for the Best Performance section of the National Comedy Festival in Galati.




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