The Bear

The Bear
  • by A. P. Cehov
  • Translation: Mașa Dinescu
  • Lighting Design, Musical Illustration and Directed by: Felix Alexa
  • Set Design: Carmencita Brojboiu
  • Assistant Director: Amelia Ursu
Premiera: 01 October 2016
Duration: 1h 5min, no intermission

A man and a woman who have had traumatic experiences with the opposite sex, deciding, for similar reasons, to live alone, meet, collide, almost to the point of duelling with pistols, and fall in love in the most illogical, but human way.This is the subject of the farce in one act by A. P. Cehov staged in Constanta by one of the National Theater of Bucharest’s directors, Felix Alexa.
A jewellery play appreciated by audiences of all ages and all conditions and ideal for a first meeting with the theater because it can generate love at first sight and long-term addiction.


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