• Directed by: Bobi Pricop
  • Set design: Oana Micu
  • Cinematography: Mihai Popa
  • Music by: Eduard Gabia
  • Streaming: Răzvan Rusu
Premiera: 20 March 2021
Duration: 1h, no intermission
conține limbaj licențios

Based on an original script, created especially for this project, the hybrid performance "Z Day" tells the story of four young people who plan to kidnap the son of an influential businessman. Their action is intended to be a redeeming one, given that the son escaped from prison after the intervention of his father. Moreover, the four use this intensely publicized moment to launch a manifesto and a new movement that aims at a paradigm shift in today's Romania.
The performance tests the ways in which theater can be present and relevant in our lives in times of pandemic restrictions, proposing a dynamic artistic concept, adapted to the realities we live. It is built on two levels – live filming that takes place both in a car driving on the city streets and in the studio of a local television station, reconstituted on the stage.