Acknowledgement for World Theater Day – Titles of Artist Emeritus and gratitude diplomas offered at The Constanța Theater Gala

Acknowledgement for World Theater Day – Titles of Artist Emeritus and gratitude diplomas offered at The Constanța Theater Gala

Mirela STÎNGĂ - Constanța Culture

It was a celebration at the Constanța State Theater on Wednesday, the 29th of March. In the conference room of the Continental Forum of Constanța (formerly known as Ibis), the theater crowd - actors from all generations, technical staff, administrative staff and the production studio staff - alongside UNITER president, the scenographer Dragoș Buhagiar, the UNITER vicepresident, volunteers, public authorities representatives, managers and employees of cultural institutions, marked the World Theater Day. The host of the festive event, which took place under the generic name The Constanța Theater Gala, was the manager of the Constanța State Theater, Erwin Șimșensohn.

The gala opened (and ended, if we don't count the cocktail at the end) with a jazz recital by Irina Sârbu and her colleagues: Puiu Pascu - piano, Ciprian Parghel - bass and Tudor Parghel - drums. The gala programme also included other artistic moments: a tribute to Nichita Stănescu, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the great poet's birth, with actor Dan Cojocaru, who recited the poem "Schimbarea la față", and a musical tribute by actor Liviu Manolache in memory of his colleagues who passed away, Maria Nistor, Eugen Mazilu, Diana Cheregi and Vasile Cojocaru.

In the Gala of the Constantinian Theatre, some moments of improvisation were presented from the show "The comedy match", scheduled for Sunday, April 2, at 19.00, at Studio Hall. The match brought the actors Florin Aioane, Cătălina Mihai, Ecaterina Lupu, Mirela Pană and Ștefan Mihai to the audience, together with Andrei Bibire in the role of referee and the pianist Vlad Pasencu.

The highlight of the Gala of the Constantinian Theatre, left towards the end, consisted in the awarding of the 13 titles of Emeritus Artist of the Constantinian Theatre "for the talent and creativity dedicated to theatre, for a career dedicated to the culture of the city, for the love generously given to the Constantinian public".

The 13 titles went to set designers Eugenia Tărășescu-Jianu and Carmencita Brojboiu, actress-puppeteer Aneta Forna Christu, theatre director Anaid Tavitian, actors Lucian Iancu, Liviu Manolache, Nina Udrescu, Cristina Oprean, Mihai Sorin Vasilescu, Agatha Nicolau, Virgil Andriescu and Ileana Ploscaru, as well as director Silviu Purcărete, who made his debut at the Constanta Theatre. They are eminent artists of the Constanta theatre.

Andrei Șerban and Silviu Purcărete, invited to stage in Constanta

The director of the Constanta theatre, Erwin Simsensohn, read out the message that Silviu Purcărete sent from France on this occasion: "Dear friends, I am linked to Constanta by paradoxical feelings and memories, as is often the case when it comes to the years of my youth. That's where I started my career as a director and that's also where I served in the army. At the theatre in Constanta I met artists I admired and loved. It was also there that I read my first dramatic review in which I was disqualified. I enjoyed the friendship and talent of my friends. In Constanta I discovered the power and miracle of puppet theatre and the primitive and mysterious perfume of ancient suburbs. Inevitable nostalgia. Thank you for thinking of me".

On this occasion, Erwin Șimșensohn said that Andrei Șerban will come to Constanța in April-May to stage a performance. Next month, the TSC director will also go to Cluj to invite Silviu Purcărete to stage a performance at the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025.

Gratitude for those who don't see themselves

"Actors, without the people behind the scenes, wouldn't be able to do what they do. That's why we decided to celebrate those who have dedicated more than 30 years of their lives to the Constanta stage", said the director of the Constanta State Theatre before handing out the first diplomas of the evening.

14 Diplomas of gratitude for a life dedicated to the Constantinian theatre, for the efforts and energy with which they have put their shoulder to the realization of dozens and hundreds of performances, but also for the love of theatre they have shown over the years were handed over to the theatre people behind the scenes: Claudia Mihuț - blower, Evy Schvarczberger - cashier, Paula Pârvuleț - men's seamstress, Dorina Macovei - women's seamstress, Etvard Zobuian - painter, George Plugaru - carpenter, Mehmed Feri - carpenter, Ion Mandache - machinist, Emil Băncilă - chief machinist, Aurica Mangu - cabin maid, Constanța Pogănaru - hairdresser-major, Mihaela Petrescu - economic director, Elena Florea - head of accounting office and Carmen Ianculescu - former head of human resources office.

Appreciation for the theatre's partners

Twelve diplomas of gratitude were also awarded for the support given to the Constanta theatre and for the generous involvement in its projects to partners Lelia Rus-Pîrvan - director of the Constanta Museum of Art, Aurel Mototolea - director of the Constanta Museum of National History and Archaeology, Angelo Mitichievici - director of the Constanta County Library "Ioan N. Roman", Aurel Palade - director of the Theatre for Children and Youth "Căluțul de mare", Daniela Vitcu - dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University "Ovidius", Florin Goidea - general director of the National Company for the Administration of Sea Ports of Constanta, at the time when the show "D-Day", awarded by UNITER, was filmed; Anamaria Mișa - BCR's communication director, Beatrice Petreanu - Mangia Mangia, Mihai Stebingar - from the architecture office in charge pro bono of the Studio Hall project in Ion Lahovari Street no. 2 A, Ciprian Ștefan - Barissimo, Diana Slav - tour guide, Ilhan Vait - Rasova Wine Cellars.

Recognition for volunteers

Ten diplomas of gratitude for "the support given to Constanta's theatre, for the boundless enthusiasm, for the love of theatre and the overflowing energy" with which they have been with the State Theatre, each time, were awarded to the young volunteers: Alexandru Baroană, Roxana Câmpean, Mădălina Creangă, Irina Dragomir, Ana-Maria Monea, Daria Muscari, Alexia Neagu, Ștefania Puflene, Sara Puricel and Maria Șurubaru.

The Constanta Theatre Gala was attended on behalf of the public authorities by the President of the Constanta County Council (CJC), Mihai Lupu, Vice-Presidents Stelian Gima and Petre Enciu, and Deputy Mayors Ionuț Rusu and Florin Cocargeanu.

Speeches (in order of delivery):

The manager of the Seahorse Theatre, Aurel Palade: "I am honoured to be part of this small community of theatre people. (...) Playwrights, set designers, directors, choreographers, theatre people, critics, technicians, we have gathered here to pay tribute to this ephemeral art, the theatre, the theatre performance, of which nothing remains but a memory, an outline, a sensation".

 CJC President Mihai Lupu: "Art is not ephemeral, it is perennial. It always remains imprinted in people's consciousness, it represents societies with their good and bad, it accurately depicts society, political regimes (...) We need art. Art makes people good. You've seen how good we feel when someone sings, when we go to a play. Art is the easiest way to educate," he said.

He also pointed out that, unfortunately, Constanta lacks the necessary infrastructure for cultural institutions and cultural tourism.

Deputy Mayor Ionuț Rusu: "All the world's a stage, and all men are actors, said the great William Shakespeare. Without you the world would be without smiles, without you the world would be without sadness, without you the world would be without question marks, without you the world would be without certainty. I bow to your genius and wish you a sincere Happy Birthday".

UNITER President Dragoș Buhagiar said that Wednesday night's event was "proof that theatre is made together, watched together and celebrated together, i.e. lived together".

 Actress Aghata Nicolau: "We, the people who serve the theatre, in my opinion, carry on our shoulders the torment and the dream of the master Manole, because night after night, day after day, year after year, from our profession we do nothing but build some dreams in the walls of our profession. Sometimes we sacrifice our family, sometimes our friends, but most of the time our health, in order to raise the quality of our profession to the heights, to the heavens, which, in my opinion, is absolutely sacred. We serve beauty, goodness, intelligence and the triumph of the human race".

The event was also attended by the director of the "Maria Filotti" Theatre in Braila, Radu Nichifor, the manager of the "Fane Tardini" Theatre in Galati, Florin Toma, the director of the "Jean Bart" Theatre in Tulcea, Ionuț-Paul Ștefan.