Highway to the theatre

Highway to the theatre

Constanța State Theatre initiated the „Highway to the theater”, a project through which for a day, the seaside city offers its visitors a complex cultural experience.

Inspired by similar projects initiated by theaters from Craiova and Sf. Gheorghe, Constanța State Theater developed the initial idea of bringing people from outside of the town, by adding a visit to the Constanța Art Museum and a guided tour in the Peninsula.

Constanța State Theater’s general director, Erwin Șimșensohn declared: „Our main objective is to turn Constanța into an important cultural destination, to demonstrate that this city has a tremendous potential, beyond the beauty of the beaches and the magnetism of the Black Sea. We are convinced that the people and the institutions of culture can generate this type of unique tourism, that kind of tourism that has changed many times in the world the image and the dynamic of a community that appears to be inert from this point of view.”

On Saturday, the 25th of february, the first edition of this project took place. Even though it was not in the summer season, you could say that the tourist-spectators had the chance to experience the beach, because the performance they watched was „Seaside Stories”, directed by Radu Afrim. 

We hope that in the future the number of participants will continue to grow. We wish that this project wil become one of tradition and that it will contribute to the road on which Constanța and the whole region of Dobrogea needs to embark on, to regain its force of attraction for the culture, art and history lovers.