SEAS 2024: Don Quijote

SEAS 2024: Don Quijote
Thursday, 22 August 2024

The show Don Quijote, produced by the Comic Opera for Children from Bucharest, will be performed on August 22nd, at 9:00 p.m., at Teatrul de Vară Soveja, as part of SEAS 2024.

Hidalgo Alonso Quijano, his real name, is a lover of chivalric novels, never missing an evening to immerse himself in reading. The books he read made him a better person, eager to help the needy and defenseless. Driven by his noble goal and the desire to find the beautiful Dulcinea of Toboso, a figment of his imagination, our hero chooses a knightly name - Don Quijote, nicknames his horse - Rosinante, and convinces Sancho Panza, a neighbor, to be his squire and travel the world with him.

The ballet "Don Quijote" is a story we always return to, at any age. Each encounter with it is different, richer in meanings, although the message essentially remains the same. In the version of the show we propose, we followed the construction of the classic, academic ballet, using the most famous and beloved fragments from Minkus's musical work. Alongside a wonderful team - experienced set designer Adriana Urmuzescu and Antonel Oprescu, the author of the musical collage - and especially with our talented dancers, who bring the characters of this medieval story to life, we invite you to enjoy an hour of music and color, in dance steps. (Cătălin Caracaș)

Author: ballet by Ludwig Minkus, adaptation of the novel by Miguel de Cervantes
Choreography, direction, and adaptation: Cătălin Caracaș
Classical choreography: Alexander Gorski, Marius Petipa
Scenography: Adriana Urmuzescu
Musical arrangement: Antonel Oprescu
Duration of the show: 1h10, without intermission
 Recommended age: +3 yearsi

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